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Land Reclamation
No 39

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WALLING D.E. The changing sediment loads of the world's rivers

KUNDZEWICZ Z.W. Flood risk and vulnerability in the changing climate
JAEGGI M. Some aspects of the sediment transport during the 2005 floods in Switzerland
BANASIK K., KENT MITCHELL J. Conceptual model of sedimentgraph from flood events in a small agricultural watershed
STĘPNIEWSKA S., STĘPNIEWSKI K. Variability of fluvial transport of the upper Wieprz river
KLIMA K., CHOWANIAK M. The effect of slope gradient on plant cover index (C) of faba bean crops grown on loess soil
REJMAN J., BRODOWSKI R., IGLIK I. Annual variations of soil erodibility of silt loam developed from loess based on 10-years runoff plot studies

PALUSZEK J., ŻEMBROWSKI W. Improvement of water-air properties of eroded soils in a loess landscape after the application of agrohydrogel

PATRO M., WĘGOREK T., ZUBALA T. Ploughed-on terraces in loess landscape of strongly developed high plains
PATRO M. Influence of in-field retention reservoirs on soil outflow from a catchment
MICHALEC B., TARNAWSKI B. Determination of conditions of suspended sediment transport in river and water reservoir
MOKWA M., MALCZEWSKA B. The silting influence on the capacity of the Krzywaniec reservoir
MAJEWSKI W. Urban flash flood in Gdańsk, 2001
OKSIUTA M., GUTRY-KORYCKA M. Land use-land cover change of Służewiecki Stream basin and theirs hydrological consequences
GRIGORIEV V., PIECHNIK L., PODSIADŁOWSKI S. Simplified technique for the determination of soil aggregation in assessing the resistance of soils to erosion and deflation

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